I’d like to say I had a burrito today…

but I can’t. Though I did have an amazing personal pizza with pepperoni and anchovies… nice! And together with the mozzarella sticks I’d say I have just found my newest favorite pizzeria in San Francisco. I tried a few places downtown closer to Union square but found each of them to be bland at best. Pretty nasty. I’d suggest staying away from any of the pizza places near the trolleys if you’re looking to actually enjoy your food.

I don’t mean for this blog to be a San Francisco restaurant review but in the 12 days that I’ve been here I’ve found Noe Valley (where I currently live) to be a great place to find amazing restaurants of all types and small boutique stores that each have character all their own.

Walking the 5 blocks from the bus stop on Castro St. to my sublet you pass a Mayan restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, 3 or 4 local bars, a diner called “Eat Toast” (which I can’t wait to try), a Peruvian restaurant, two pizza restaurants, an Irish pub, two French restaurants, an Italian restaurant, and a doughnut/sandwich place caddy corner from my place which I go to every morning to get a doughnut and change for the bus… the Chinese guy that works there doesn’t sleep - and he’s so smiley all the time. It’s kind of funny the place is called “Happy Doughnut”… ha. I’ve been trying for years to bulk up and I think I’ve found the perfect place to do it. There’s a small 24-hour gym caddy corner to my place but I’ve decided not to join because:

  1. The machines are right up against the windows and I get self-conscious with people looking at my guns.. no seriously
  2. And I’m leaving in two weeks so it’s not worth it.
  3. I just wanted to have a cool numbered list in the middle of this blog

I tried taking pictures to put up tonight, but the lack of sunlight past 9:00pm put me in my place.  I’ll try and put some up this weekend.  I don’t have any real plans but who knows - in a city like this you really never know whats just around the corner… most likely another taqueria I’d say.

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