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A walk in the park…

Posted on October 21st, 2008 by win
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ended up turning into a whole-day event when I decided to hang out at the Golden Gate Park some Saturday morning.  After a 45-minute bus ride from my old Noe Valley sublet I was wandering the park aimlessly trying to remember where I was supposed to meet the church youth group I was planning on [...]

My little apartment in San Francisco…

Posted on October 16th, 2008 by win
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via video..ooohhhhhh
Thanks for watching.

Every city has its idiosyncracies…

Posted on October 12th, 2008 by win
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and San Francisco is definitely no exception.  There is no question that San Francisco, with its colorful people, eccentric past, and vibrant present stands as one of the most unique American cities.  Besides the small restaurants and boutique stores that make up most of the commercial areas in the city, its uniqueness flows even into [...]

It took me 20 minutes to walk to work today…

Posted on October 8th, 2008 by win
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and it was sweeet.  Walking down through the heart of the Tenderloin is not something to be done at any time other than busy working hours they say.  The truth is, there is plenty still to see even when the sun is up and the shadows are gone.  Ten minutes into my jaunt to the [...]