Life moves pretty fast…

If you forget to blog about it, who’s going to know it ever happened?

I admit I’ve neglected this blog for the past couple weeks.  I apologize to anyone who still reads this and especially Jody, who was the first from the Virginians to keep this lonely expat entertained for an entire weekend.

After a rocky and dramatic Sunday morning (my fault of course), Jody and I managed to pull it together and make it to the California Academy of Sciences.  We decided to take a cabby though I have since found a bus that takes passengers directly to the Academy for $7 while also giving you an all-day Muni pass - not a bad deal.  Regular admission to the Academy is $25/person.  Being a wannabe San Franciscan I decided to get the Academy membership which gives me a full years worth of free visits with the added bonus of being able to bring a guest for free.  (I’ve been twice already, so it’s pretty much paid for itself.)  With a membership card there is also no line to stand in - so score!

Inside the Academy we decided to get food first in one of the 2 eateries found inside the building.  We ended up sharing a sandwich plate for almost $15 - might’ve been $16.  After the pricey gnoshing we walked around the left wing of the Academy.  The left-wing exhibit was of the garden-variety type with lots of reading and looking at dead animals or pictures of animals.  And I am only writing this because I don’t really remember what I saw or read there. Jody?

My favorite was and will probably continue to be the aquarium in the lower level of the building.  From the albino alligator to the snakes, badass tarantulas and weird looking hoppy fish, to the alligator gar and dead, stuffed Coelycanth and colorful tropical fish of the Philippine coral reefs.  From the floor level, you could walk across a boardwalk and look down on the tropical fish that swim around the reefs, criss-crossing with the stingrays and sharks that play beside the planetarium I still have yet to see.

Behind the Academy is a park - a nice park, that had some children playing tables and chairs under heat lamps and of course - a bar.  I’ve gotten used to the fact that nothing here is complete without at least a bar that serves Flat Tire.  It was a nice time outside on the Academy patio.

That night we decided to spend Jody’s last dinner in SF with my good friends (read: only friends), Josh and Kristin, in North Beach.  Famous for its Italian restaurants, did not lead me astray with the restaurant it helped me to choose.  We decided to walk the 20 minutes to the North Beach area from my apartment and arrived early and for one reason or another decided to wait for Kristin and Josh in the restaurant a few door’s away (Pinocchio’s) for a glass of wine.

My Midwestern friends arrived and we headed to Franchino’s for my first Italian dinner in North Beach.  The food was delectable.  I don’t totally remember what anyone had but to anyone that decides to visit San Francisco - a North Beach Italian restaurant is definitely a must-eat.

After dinner our foursome decided to cap off the night with 1 or 2 - maybe 3 hours at Sugar Cafe.  I had my first taste of Fernet with a ginger ale chaser.  With the European-style couches, red-purple mood lighting, by a fireplace we toasted the night - and I said goodbye to Jody.

Thank you for seeing me… and for everything.


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10 Responses to “Life moves pretty fast…”

  1. Jody Says:

    Thank you for a wonderful trip! Lots of fun was had and lots of great memories remain :)

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