And everybody was pillow fighting…

at Justin Herman Plaza across the street from the Ferry Building at Embarcadero.

On Valentine’s Day 2009,  couples and singles (and I guess triples) alike joined in the largest, fluffiest, most insane pillow fight I’d ever seen - the Great San Francisco Pillow Fight 2009.  Besides, what better way to say those three little words than with constant beatings in the face with a large rectangular mass of feathers.  Unfortunately, being the tree-hugger I am I decided not to participate in the actual fight because all of my pillows were of the polyester or memory-foam type.  Neither of which are as earth-friendly as feathers strewn about the ground.  Nonetheless, I had a great time watching others enjoy the random acts of violence across the park.


To give perspective on the sheer number of pillow soldiers there, at a few points during the night I do a 360 with my video-cam setting and all you can see are pillows and feathers flying in all corners of the park.  By my estimates, there were 5 kajillion people there - give or take a few kajillion.

Hopefully next year I’ll get to spread the love from face to face to ribs to shoulder to mouth…

For videos and more pics of the fight check the flickr.

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