This year I resolve to… more. :)

And here we begin with the list:

  1. Learn to play the guitar - I’ve recently begun weekly guitar lessons with a hippie-ish mandolin/guitar player who lives in the MIssion district.  I can now successfully play “This Land is our Land” and strum the chords for “Green Day’s - Good Riddance”.
  2. Take up rock-climbing - Wednesday nights at Mission Cliffs.
  3. Read more books and watch less TV - my goal is one book a month.
  4. Cook more often - I baked my first two batches of cupcakes and I plan on cooking at least once a week (on the weekend) and going from there.
  5. Finish blogging about the people who have visited me since moving to San Francisco - Cintia, Angela, Megan, and Sheel I haven’t forgotten about you guys and I will have the pictures and a few words up very very soon.

Updated with:

  1. Become a local - “… where everybody knows your naaammmme”
  2. Became a better person - why not?!

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