Almost the end of week 3…

Posted on September 25th, 2008 by win
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and I’m starting to feel a little more settled.  As the days start to become more and more routine I can’t help but think back about how I ended up here.

Though my moving may have come as a surprise to some of my friends, to others it was a long time coming.  I do sometimes find myself talking about things I want to do, places I want to see, sometimes even making fake plans with other people on some far off TBD time.   I think moving to San Francisco was one of those “things I wanted to do.”  Ironically, the move west was more an accident than a calculated strategy.  For those that don’t know the story:

My first real trip to San Francisco was in May 2008.  I tagged along with my roommate/friend/babyeater, Joris, who was attending a conference that week.  While he was off geeking it out during the day in the conference I was busy walking the city, figuring out if this city was all I imagined it to be.  I was ne’er disappointed any day.  Most nights we hung out around our hotel situated in downtown San Francisco by Union Square.  (BTW - the W hotel is friggin sweet.)

Then one fateful night Joris took me out to a fondue party in the Mission district to meet up with a few of his San Francisco buddies.  The crowd was an interesting group consisting of Google employees and internet startuppers.  While the Googlers were ranting and raving about the Android platform (read: Google phone) and the Google I/O conference being coordinated by one of the attendees of the group, I was at the fondue table Sauvignon Cabernet in-hand talking about the merits of a common web framework being used at most internet companies these days (including mine).  Something about brie makes me feel geeky.  Blah blah blah… and then after a few glasses of wine, skewers of cheese and vegetables, a plane trip back to SF during my good friend’s bachelor party and an interview … the gentleman I was sharing my half-sober ramblings becomes my VP of Engineering and the woman who purchased the wine and cheese I was shovelling into my face becomes my Product Manager.

Sheer luck…

I don’t know if San Francisco will turn out well for me - I definitely hope so - but who really knows.  I do know that I’ve been wanting it for a while and who am I to turn down an invitation especially after a chance-meet during a random Thursday evening fondue party.

I know its going to be an interesting ride and I’ll definitely be sure to keep my hands and feet inside the car at all times until its over.  Though I may sneak a few here and there - especially on the loop-de-loops.

The Sitcom Weekend…

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started Saturday afternoon.  After a somewhat late start (around 3pm) me, Josh, and Kristin (my badass roommates) decided to head to the top of Twin Peaks.  Twin peaks, according to good ol’pedia, is  situated in the geographic center of San Francisco, CA.  Due to its position in relation to my area Noe Valley/Mission, a lot [...]

I’d like to say I had a burrito today…

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but I can’t. Though I did have an amazing personal pizza with pepperoni and anchovies… nice! And together with the mozzarella sticks I’d say I have just found my newest favorite pizzeria in San Francisco. I tried a few places downtown closer to Union square but found each of them to be bland [...]

11 days and 4 taquerias ago…

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I’ve decided, against all nutritional common sense, to eat at every single taqueria in this part of San Francisco (Mission district).  For those of you that don’t know, the Mission district in San Francisco, is home to the densest population of taquerias in the Bay Area.  And I’m going to eat at all of them.  [...]

First day in San Francisco

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Leaving DC Saturday morning was probably one of the toughest things I’ve done.  I’m not even going to get into what I left behind and what I’m most likely going to miss out on - so… I arrived Saturday at around 11am.  The flight was fairly uneventful but by far one of the best I’ve [...]

And so I’m here…

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I should’ve started this a long time ago.  I’ve done a lot in the past two weeks considering I left DC just 11 days ago, started a new job, and have started to make a few friends.  I don’t know how prolific a blogger I’m going to be but things are definitely looking good as [...]